Who We Are

An Interconnectional Organisation with membership that spans different races and culture around the globe, sharing the same focus and passion to affirm our purpose To “To Know Christ and to Make Him Known”. The official emblem of the Methodist Women is the “Tree of Life” based on Revelations 22:2 – “…. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. The tree is an evergreen signifying continuous life and vitality. It’s branches stretch upward and outward, symbols of our though and action reaching upward to God and outward to our neighbours. This tree has twelve (12) fruits symbolising those graces of Christian service that will always be found in the lives of people who are rooted in Christ – Evangelism; Medical Work; Education; Literature; Children; Youth; Home & family Life; Rural Projects; Economic Justice; International Friendship; Temperance; and World Peace.

Methodist Women strives to provide a platform for women connecting with women, challenging one another to grow in Christlikeness. Women have needs and challenges unique to their Christian walks. Women need emotionally safe environments. Women often feel safest sharing their hearts, asking questions, requesting prayer and speaking up when they’re with other women. Women need godly fellowship. Whether a woman is a new mom who rarely sees other adult women, a retiree who is home alone, or something in between, women need deep, rich and lasting connections that are meaningful and challenging.

We hope to see the women’s ministry in the church not as an exception but an expectation as we are also co-heirs in the Kingdom. The women were the first to be witnesses to find the empty tomb, the first to witness the resurrected Jesus and the first to receive the command – “Go and tell”.

Being spirit-filled and armed with the plentiful gifts, we are a vitally essential partnership in the gospel – men and women humbly and joyfully complement each other’s God-given roles and gifts. MW desires to see generations of women after God’s heart. We aim to raise up ladies who will be blessings in their homes, churches and workplaces so that wherever they go, they will shine as ambassadors of Christ. We seek to actively engage women in our church to love God and to serve others through the various programmes and activities.